Financial wellbeing of a company is a mental, emotional and educational process & that’s what a CFO is trained for

Dr. Tamer Hussein is one of such ideal CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and a qualified Senior Finance Executive with extensive Board-level experience who believes that financial wellbeing of a company is a mental, emotional and educational process and because of his extensive role along with a proven record of success in directing financial operations and management internationally. He has been awarded a Professional Doctorate from European International University-Paris in Global Finance and management.

The Role of a CFO

Dr. Hussein is a highly experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Corporate Controller, Big 4, CIMA Qualified and MBA in Finance offering over 18+ years with a proven record of success in directing financial operations and management and possess extensive international experience as well. His background in International Financial Management has provided him with the financial and analytical skills which are necessary to succeed in this fast-paced and intense field of managing businesses financial health. Experienced in developing and establishing corporate financial structures for large complex organizations, managing a large team, and managing global operations effectively is what Dr Hussein’s prime competency.

In his career starting from being an auditor at Deloitte to being a CFO at KSA he has proven history of increasing revenue while decreasing costs, and adept at negotiating contracts with clients, service providers, suppliers, and partners. Possess comprehensive knowledge of audit and internal control functions, and liaises with investment and commercial bankers, insurance carriers, analysts, corporate counsel, and board members.

Dr Hussein is recognised with having domain Exposure in manufacturing, Construction, Oil/Gas, Automotive, Medical, Hospital, Hospitality & real-Estate, Trading, FMCG, Telecommunication, B2B, Electro-mechanical & Power stations, Public-private partnership (PPP), MEP; Logistics & Pharmaceuticals

These are the following areas he has expertise & provides consulting on:
Financial Analysis, Start-ups, Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Finance, Budgets, Strategy, Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Due Diligence, Business Strategy, Managerial Finance, Process Improvement, Financial Reporting, Business Development, Risk Management, Strategic Financial Planning, Auditing, Change Management

Speaking about his participation with EIU-Paris, Dr. Hussein expressed his gratitude and said that the Professional Doctoral certification from the university has increased the highest level of confidence in him and driven the spirit to further advance his career in the domain of Finance & Consulting

The Professional Doctorate award is one of the highest levels of certification at the European International University (EIU-Paris).

To achieve this highest award, candidates go through a series of rigorous audit and evaluation of their personal and professional profiles and accomplishments along with significant contributions to society. In the French education system, this is popularly known as the VAE or Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience. The VAE is a procedure used to assess and recognize prior learning outcomes, consequently allowing any French educational institution to grant degrees partly or completely based on one’s substantiated work experience.

The audit and evaluation of candidates and submission of their “portfolio of evidences” are done by a team of industry experts which is led by the Dean of respective faculty.

Candidates’ social standing in their community/province/state/country is also gauged and validated through noteworthy their contributions published on print, electronic or social media, as well as achievements in the form of creation/invention/problem-solving/social engineering efforts.

The process for the achievement is acutely stringent making the selection worth commending a celebration said Professor Dr. Joel Farnworth Dean of Management Studies, European International University Paris.

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Oath Ceremony during the Convocation Event at EIU-Paris

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