American Dual Degree Option at EIU Paris

American Dual Degree Option at EIU Paris

American Dual Degree Option:

Students successfully completing all the requirements for EIU’s MBA, MSMHP, and DBA, qualify to apply for an American Dual Degree (second award) from the California Metropolitan University (CMU), CA, USA (, along with being granted Associate Member of the International Alliance for Business Professionals, IABP, USA (


MBA – $USD 750

MSMHP – $USD 750

DBA – $1,250

Legalization of CMU Dual Degree:

Students will be able to get their American Dual Degree Legalized at a fixed cost of $USD 900, including shipping fee, by the following legal bodies in the USA:

1. Notary Public

2. California State Certification

3. United States Department of State

4. Student’s Respective Embassy

The European International University (EIU) enters into an exclusive academic and business development arrangement and partnership with the International Alliance of Business Professional (IABP), USA sponsored California Metropolitan University (CMU), CA, USA (

In addition, the Director General of EIU, Prof. Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan, has been appointed as the University’s Associate Provost and Director, Global Business Development, on honorarium basis.

What does all these mean to EIU students / graduates?

After a successful evaluation, mapping and articulation of both EIU MBA and DBA curricula with that of CMU’s, it is with great pleasure that we announce that all EIU MBA and DBA graduates are now entitled to obtaining an American Dual Degree (MBA or DBA) from the California Metropolitan University, at a nominal administration fee.

The MBA and DBA degrees conferred by CMU could be legalized by the State Department in California, as well as attested by graduates’ respective embassies (additional costs apply). This would allow the use of these degree documents for official purposes either for employment, or further studies, anywhere in the world.

Apart from obtaining an American Dual Award, EIU graduates will also receive the most prestigious and coveted Professional Membership Letter from the International Alliance of Business Professional (IABP, USA.)

IABP is a membership-based non-profit professional organization based in California. IABP has international offices in Europe and Southeast Asia providing industrial training and career development services to fresh graduates and young professionals.

All those EIU alumni wishing to obtain the American Dual Award and become Professional Member of IABP could write for more information to [email protected]

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