EIU Launches FUTURISTIC Vocational Degree Programmes and Qualifications that the World has Never Seen Before!


EIU Launches FUTURISTIC Vocational Degree Programmes and Qualifications that the World has Never Seen Before!
November 5, 2018 

In keeping with the spirit of EIU to innovate new paradigms in personal and professional development, and for the first time ever in the history of mankind, we are proud to launch our unique vocational degree programmes, such as Executive Bachelor’s, Professional Master’s and Professional Doctorate. 

A vocational degree programme provides career-specific advancement opportunities to executives and professionals who often perceive academic studies as something out-of-reach and beyond their intellectual capacity. 

It allows working adults to pursue such high-level scholarly activities by leveraging on their existing job-related expertise and experience, hence removing the fear of dropping out without successful completion. 

Needless to say, a vocational degree programme is both cost-effective as well as time-saving. Since all learning activities and assessment of such learning are directly situated within the context of the adult-student’s own job role and functions, it is no surprise that the level of motivation throughout the study duration is optimal. 


Vocational Degree Programmes offered by EIU: 

Executive Bachelor’s
– International Business (Exe. Bac. Intl. Bus.)
– Finance (Exe. Bac. Fin.)
– Integrated Marketing Communication (Exe. Bac. Intl. Mktg. Comm.)
– Hospitality & Hotel Management (Exe. Bac. Hosp. & Hotel Mgt.)
– Travel & Tourism Management (Exe. Bac. T&T Mgt.)

Professional Master’s
– Professional Master of Management (P.M.Mgt.)
– Professional Master of Education (P.M.Ed.)
– Professional Master of Psychology (P.M.Psych.)

Professional Doctorate
– Professional Doctorate in Management (P.D.Mgt.)
– Professional Doctorate in Education (P.D.Ed.)
– Professional Doctorate in Psychology (P.D.Psych.) 

Disclaimer: EIU does not claim that these programmes and the degrees obtained thereafter are academic in nature. These are vocational degree programmes that are innovative and serve specific personal and professional development purposes and as such are highly recommended for those who embrace non-traditional routes to advancing their careers and professional status. 


What are the Benefits of Achieving a Vocational Degree? 

  1. It serves as an endorsement to the fact that one is keen on pursuing the highest professional excellence of learning and development in a specialized field of work/career. 
  2. It serves to increase the level of professionalism in the workplace.
  3. It provides an increased sense of confidence in a specialized field of work/career.
  4. It focuses on enhancing one’s specific job-related skills and competencies.
  5. It positions one to be strategically placed in the job market by creating his/her own unique competitive advantage.
  6. It is a futuristic qualification that the world has never seen before, but is definitely moving toward. As such, this would create a sense of awe for others who hear about the fact that you hold such a groundbreaking qualification.
  7. It is THE most sensible alternate answer and substitute to the kind of sub-standard quality of graduates that are being churned out massively year after year by large traditional universities, worldwide.
  8. It would be indicative that one is progressive in his/her approach to personal and professional development and career advancement.
  9. It puts one a few steps ahead of others in terms of job market positioning and personal-professional drive and satisfaction.
  10. It is the qualification of the future – guaranteeing one much better career prospects in the ultra-modern era of human evolution.


Recognition and Accreditation of EIU Vocational Degree Programmes
The European International University (EIU-Paris) is duly recognized as Vocational Education & Professional Training (VEPT) service provider in accordance to Article R.6351-6 of the French Employment Code, under the registration number: 11755784775, with the prefecture of the region of ILE-DE-FRANCE, as well as internationally accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC), a U.K. Government recognized international accreditation body. 


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