Absolutism or democracy- which is more successful ?

Absolutism v/s democracy?
First lets differentiate between the two. absolutism as we know it is where the government is run by a ruler with unlimited power, allowing limited rights to the people in that country. Democracy on the other hand is a government where multiple people are elected that rule the country which has freedom and rights. They are similar in the domain of having a group of advisories who will aid them in making crucial decisions about the country however, their objectives, method of functioning and degrees of power vary drastically. A democratic law is founded on the concept of equality where everyone feels a sense of security and safety especially in environment where minorities are easily exploited or silenced by the people in power.

Today, the most prominent form of government is a democracy but over the years we’ve witnessed dictatorship in the form of absolutism and varied other governments that have been periodically effective. While absolutism is often considered suppressive and problematic, it also has some advantages that cannot be overlooked. If pursued justly and in favour of the country, it can bring concepts of unity and stability which are often required by countries in case of examples like war. In todays time, with human rights becoming more and more prominent, it is often believed that absolutism is impossible to live with because undisputed power often can cause terrible decisions the consequences of which are borne by the people of the country. Do you believe in the power absolutism or cannot imagine a life not governed by democracy ?

democracy vs dictatorship

The answer to this question which out of two is more successful ? largely depends on the individual context. In some cases, absolute monarchy has been highly successful, while in other cases democracies have been more successful. It is impossible to definitively say which form of governance is more successful in general.

said Dr. R. Parameswaran B.F.Tech, M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D, D.Sc.

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