“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”  Eric Hoffer

Majority of people attempt to change but its only Leaders like Dr. Ansari who commit to it, setting the example to influence others.

EIU-Paris is pleased and excited to share the inspiring accomplishments of legendary leader Mr. Adeeb Ansari; CEO of highly acclaimed Adeeb group, who has been honoured with the Professional Doctoral Award in Leadership and management by European International University, Paris.

Dr. Ansari ardently believes that the times are changing and if you are not committed to learning and developing yourself…. you’ll be left behind, not only in society but in realising your true potential. Henceforth, Dr. Ansari successfully qualified for the most prestigious Professional Doctoral Certificate (PDC) from EIU-Paris setting the example as a lifelong learner for others to get inspired and follow.

With a master’s degree in engineering, Ansari entered the workforce as a humble engineer in the UAE 30 years ago.  He has since worked his way up to become the Chief Executive Officer of the Adeeb Group and, finally, to the highest level of professional excellence through the Professional Doctoral Award from EIU-Paris. It is under his utmost leadership that Adeeb Group is continuously growing year on year. He has made remarkable efforts in contribution for the success of the company, expanding its presence from Abu Dhabi with several branches in Emirates and across UAE. Additionally, Dr. Ansari also understands his social responsibility to conduct and organize many events for the welfare of the community, nation and the world.

Awarding the honour of Professional Doctoral to an eminent personality Dr. Adeeb has been a breakthrough moment for all the stakeholders of EIU as well as for every Adeebians. It is leaders like Dr. Ansari who illustrate that setting an example for others is impossible unless you are completely dedicated to your own self-education and self-growth and continue to do what excites you and creates a better YOU at the same time.

Warmest congratulations on your achievement Dr. Ansari. EIU-Paris is pleased to see you accomplishing great things!!

Submitted by Tina Yang on September 16, 2022

contact: [email protected]

Graduation Ceremony at Hotel Westin Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 30.07.22

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