How a Parents Degree affects children’s growth and career!

Importance of parent’s education, degree and career on children’s development

Parents play a critical role in the holistic development of the child as they are the guide, mentors and role model for their children. Therefore, parents who have got a formal education and hold a university degree are more likely to have a positive impact on the overall personality of the child. An educated parent is able to take wise and right decision for their child from the very beginning, thus shaping a bright future for them.

Education provides awareness and insight to a person and well-educated parents are rightly aware about the pathway to be followed to bring up their children and lead them towards being successful adults, later on in their lives. Parents level of education have a strong impact on how the children are being taken care of, starting from the proper nutrition and safety to the education imparted at home and the pre-school the child is being set to. But this does not end here. The physical and psychological development is also influenced by the educated and well-informed parents as they know how different plays and activities enhance and stimulate children’s growth and development.  Well educated parents provide the children with the right means and methods which motivates them to learn new things as compared to the parents who do not have a proper education.

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As the parents who have a university degree have a broader horizon and vision, so they guide and support their children when they grow up to follow their dreams and passion instead of forcing them to choose the conventional field. They appreciate and encourage children to break the norms and taboos and bring novelty.

The educated parents assist better in selecting the pathway of their children’s lives be it career or personal, by teaching them decision making skills and guiding them throughout.

The successful parents pursuing flourishing careers set examples for their children and become their idol. The children wish and aim to be like their parents and work hard to follow them. They tend to attend the same university and even similar careers most of the times that their parents opted for. Starting from copying their hairstyle and dressing, they either eventually specialize in the same field or get the same degree in any other field of their interest and often in quest of being the same as their parents they eventually end up surpassing them.

Parents with degrees are always aware about the current trends and development and therefore are less likely to have a communication gap that generally exist between two different generations.

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Proud parents on the Graduation Day

Moreover, parents who have a university degree feel a sense of achievement are usually able to provide their children with a better lifestyle and opportunities than those who hold a highs school degree or diploma alone, as they are the specialists in their fields and are offered better job positions and pay scale along with other facilities in the job market. This also enables them to support their children financially as they make their way out in the real world. So, it would not be wrong to say that the children with highly educated parents live a more comfortable, successful and privileged life


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Submitted by Dr Jatin Anand of European International University, Paris

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