A Lifelong Learner: Embracing Education at Every Stage

Submitted by Sarita Sardana B.Ed. PhD Student EIU-Paris

My educational journey wasn’t a straight line. Life, as it often does, took some unexpected turns. Married young at 18, opportunities for formal education seemed limited, but the fire for learning never truly dimmed in me.

In 2006, I took a significant step toward nurturing that flame. Founding Aastha Academy provided a platform to share knowledge through traditional classroom teaching.exclamation For thirteen years, I immersed myself in this role, witnessing firsthand the power of education to transform lives.

However, my own thirst for knowledge remained unquenched. A yearning to delve deeper into the world of education led me to the European International University in Paris. There, I embarked on a new chapter, earning my Bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed.) This wasn’t the end, but rather the beginning of a more profound exploration. Currently, I’m pursuing a PhD in Education Administration and Leadership at the same esteemed institution.

The COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed a shift to online learning, a challenge that Aastha Academy met head-on. With insights gained from EIU-Paris, I spearheaded the academy’s transition, implementing online educational models that cater to students from grades 6-12 and those preparing for competitive exams. The flexibility and personalized approach of our programs have helped expand our reach, fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

The rigorous academic environment at EIU-Paris has been crucial in my development as an educator and leader, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to enhance both my teaching and the operations of Aastha Academy.

As I continue to explore the impacts of blended learning through my PhD research at EIU-Paris, I am committed to driving educational innovation and excellence.

This path may not be conventional, but it’s a testament to the enduring power of education. It’s a journey that began with a passion for sharing knowledge and has blossomed into a deep desire to understand the very systems that shape educational experiences. Every step, from the classroom at Aastha Academy to the halls of academia in Paris, has fueled a lifelong love of learning.

My story is a reminder that education isn’t confined by age or circumstance. It’s a continuous odyssey, open to all who dare to embark on it. So, let curiosity be your compass, and embrace the transformative power of learning at every stage of your life’s journey.

Sarita Sardana EIU-Paris Student from Mumbai

The Above article shows the importance of education in every sphere of life & career specially when the dreams are filled with entrepreneurial spirits as in the case of Sarita who is now doing PhD at EIU-Paris and runs her coaching and training institute from Mumbai specializing in various subjects including English, Math, Business Studies, and Economics.

Ms. Tina Yang – Academics Head of EIU-Paris says here’s why a Bachelor’s in Education (B.Ed.) is important for teachers and how a B.Ed. from EIU-Paris might develop & train would-be teachers to be more efficient in their future roles.

Importance of B.Ed. for Teachers:

  • Pedagogical Knowledge: A B.Ed. equips teachers with the knowledge and skills for effective instruction. This includes lesson planning, classroom management, different teaching methods, and assessment techniques.
  • Understanding Learners: B.Ed. programs delve into child development and psychology, helping teachers understand how students learn at different stages. This allows them to tailor their teaching to meet individual needs.
  • Curriculum Expertise: A B.Ed. often focuses on a specific age group or subject area, providing teachers with deep knowledge in their field. This ensures they can effectively deliver the curriculum.
  • Meeting Certification Requirements: In most places, a B.Ed. is a prerequisite for obtaining teacher certification. This is required for employment in most public schools.

How EIU-Paris B.Ed. Might Develop Teachers:

  • International Perspective: Studying at EIU-Paris exposes teachers to different educational philosophies and approaches used globally. This broader perspective can enrich their teaching methods.
  • Multicultural International Competence: The program helps integrate multicultural education, preparing teachers for diverse classrooms.
  • Focus on Specific Needs: EIU-Paris offer B.Ed. programs in specialized areas, like English as a Second Language (ESL) or Special Needs Education, etc. This could cater to teachers working in international schools or with students with specific learning needs.

A B.Ed. provides a strong foundation for a successful teaching career, and a program from EIU-Paris could offer unique advantages due to its international location and potential focus areas.

“Behind this degree are countless late nights, mountains of textbooks, and a heart fueled by unwavering determination of Sarita. Today, the climb was worth the view.”

Dr. J Anand EIU-Paris

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