The Strategic Talent Architect: How Jonathan McRoy Designs Winning Organizations

Human Resources and Talent Development

The Human Resources and Talent Development area is essential in any organization, since it is responsible for managing human talent and promoting its development within the company. This involves recruiting, selecting, training, motivating and retaining employees. All these tasks directly contribute to the success and growth of a business system. In addition, a good Human Resources department can improve the work environment, encourage productivity and employee commitment, as well as ensure compliance with labor regulations.

As Robert Owen (1771–1858) and Charles Babbage (1791-1871) concluded that people were crucial for the success of an organization, the human resources field started to be considered important during the 19th century. For the following century, influenced by the ideas of Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856–1915), HR was seen as something to take care of within the business structure.

Although it took time to determine that it was necessary to attract, nurture and promote talent, today’s businesses do not always pay attention to this precept. That means we must look to HR professionals who have the vision to help businesses and communities grow with the capacity of people, who are the engine of any organization. Today, we will see the case of Dr. Jonathan McRoy, a graduate of the EIU-Paris.

Jonathan McRoy, a case for impactful HR management

Jonathan McRoy is a seasoned professional with a career that began in the Air Force, laying a strong foundation in organizational systems, people management, and program management. This formative period significantly shaped his professional ethos and approach. In the corporate world, Jonathan has been a driving force behind strategic talent and organizational design initiatives, consistently dedicated to creating lasting value for organizations. His approach to addressing business challenges is characterized by a focused, team-centric strategy, ensuring that solutions are meticulously tailored to meet specific organizational needs.

From Air Force to Human Resources: Jonathan McRoy’s Journey in Building High-Performing Teams

As a Professor of Practice, Jonathan is deeply passionate about imparting practical knowledge, bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application. He firmly believes in the transformative power of education and is committed to providing students with the essential tools to navigate the complexities of the professional world successfully. Jonathan’s service as a Regent of the Institute of Certified Managers and his membership in the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council highlight his ongoing commitment to professional development and thought leadership. He views these roles not as personal accolades but as opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the broader community of professionals and learners.

Among his other job positions, he’s been at several roles for the United States Air Force (2001-2021), Leadership and Business Developer at Kansas Leadership Center (2020-2021), Adjunt Professor of Management at Friends University (since 2020), Organization and Talent Development Professional at Textron Aviation (since 2021) and Member of Chatham House (since 2024).

During his military career, Jonathan received numerous honors, including the Global War on -Terrorism Service and Expeditionary medals, as well as the Air Force Meritorious Service and Commendation medals. Beyond his professional pursuits, Jonathan enjoys a diverse range of hobbies, including art, sports, travel, and reading.)

Leading by Example: Jonathan McRoy on Building a Culture of Learning and Development

For Jonathan, education is key to grow and find new tools to address the challenges of his work. That is why he committed to study for as long as he could. He’s earned two Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees from the Community College of the Air Force (one in Education in Training Management and another one in Aviation Maintenance and Technology). Then, he got an Associate of Science (AS), a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in General Studies and Master of Science (MSc) in General Management from the University of Management and Technology. To advance to the next step, Jonathan pursued a Professional Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from the European International University, Paris.

Getting a doctorate from EIU-Paris, reflects the dedication to continuous learning and leadership excellence.

If you think you’ve done everything that needs to be done, you’re done. Only those that have the appetite for knowledge and learning can be skilled for innovation”.

Dr. Jonathan McRoy

For him, the experience at EIU-Paris went beyond his expectations: “I was surprised that my work, experience and contribution to Organizational Leadership could be recognized with a Professional Doctorate from EIU-Paris. Somewhat, Talent Development is an art that takes years to acquire. The VAE process gave me the chance to demonstrate all the great things I’ve done during my career.”

The benefits of obtaining a Professional Doctorate

In contrast to a PhD, a Professional Doctorate (PD) takes into account all the contributions that an individual has made for the field he’s worked in. The EIU-Paris follows the French VAE (“Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience”, which translates to “Validation of Prior Learning”) procedure. This was designed to provide an alternative route to obtaining a qualification or certification without having to follow the traditional academic pathway. It is particularly beneficial for adult learners who have acquired valuable skills and knowledge through their work experience but do not have formal qualifications to show for it.

Obtaining a PD, in a field related to Human Resources or any other one, can provide several benefits for professionals. Here are four benefits of a doctorate for a Human Resources professional:

1. Expertise and Specialization: A doctorate degree allows HR professionals to deepen their knowledge and expertise in specific areas of Human Resources, such as organizational behavior, strategic HR management, leadership development, or labor relations. This specialized knowledge can enhance their credibility and effectiveness in their roles.

2. Career Advancement: A doctorate degree can open up opportunities for career advancement in Human Resources. Professionals with a doctorate may be considered for higher-level positions, such as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Director of HR Research, or HR consultant, where advanced knowledge and skills are required.

3. Thought Leadership: Having a doctorate can position HR professionals as thought leaders in the field. They may be invited to speak at conferences, publish articles in academic journals, or contribute to industry publications, thereby influencing the direction of HR practice and policy.

4. Higher Earning Potential: In many cases, professionals with a doctorate degree command higher salaries compared to those with lower levels of education. HR professionals with a doctorate may have access to more lucrative job opportunities, consulting engagements, or academic positions that offer competitive compensation packages.

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I was surprised that my work, experience and contribution to Organizational Leadership could be recognized with a Professional Doctorate from EIU-Paris. Somewhat, Talent Development is an art that takes years to acquire. The VAE process gave me the chance to demonstrate all the great things I’ve done during my career.”

Dr. Jonathan McRoy

A cornerstone of Jonathan McRoy’s leadership philosophy is fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. He believes in leading by example, actively seeking out new knowledge himself and encouraging his teams to do the same. This creates an environment where growth is valued, employees are empowered to reach their full potential, and the organization as a whole thrives on innovation and adaptation.

Dr. McRoy is a true Strategist and an Educator, I personally will take Jonathans consulting on Building Talent Pipelines for the Future

Dr. J Anand said in a recent HR Conference

Earning a Doctorate in Leadership from EIU Paris is a pivotal achievement in my career, symbolizing a dedicated quest for scholarly distinction and leadership growth. This degree provides a thorough grasp of strategic management and organizational dynamics, improving my capacity to tackle intricate issues and instigate pivotal change. Equipped with this credential, I am ready to offer novel strategies and progressive perspectives in leadership, promoting development and distinction in various organizational contexts. The insights and competencies gained from this program are vital in forging a progressive direction and guiding entities to enduring prosperity.

Dr. Jonathan McRoy

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