EIU-Paris stands in forefront of scholarly research and publications

The European International University, located in Paris, France, is pleased to announce the release of an upcoming research-based edited book in Warangal, India.

Book Title:
“Digital Education: Foundation & Emergence with Challenges, Cases”


Dr. P K Paul
Head/Coordinator, Department of CIS, Raiganj University, India
Dr. Damodar G.
Vice Chancellor, Chaitanya Deemed University, Warangal, TS, India
Dr. Edward Roy K.
Director General, European International University, France, Paris

The book was released during the International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Sustainable Development (ICCISD-23), organized by Chaitanya Deemed University, India, and Azteca University, Mexico, on August 18th, 2023.

Below are some tips for our scholarly students for contributing their papers to be published on EIU-Publications including some cool tips about how to plan and start writing a book as it can surely make one stand in forefront of scholarly research and publications!

1. Research Thoroughly: Before you start writing your book, make sure you do your research thoroughly. Read other books in your field of research and try to identify gaps in research that have already been written. This will help you develop an original and unique idea that will provide an original contribution to the field of scholarly research and publications.

2. Gather Information: After researching, it’s important to gather as much information and evidence as possible to support your book’s arguments and conclusions. Make sure you consult reliable sources when conducting your research and ensure that all your evidence is up-to-date and relevant.

3. Hire an Editor: Once you have gathered all relevant information, hire an experienced editor to review your book and ensure that the content is both accurate and well-written. An editor can help you make sure that your book stands out among other publications in the field.

4. Publish: After you are satisfied with the quality of your book, consider publishing it. Aim for a reputable publisher as this will help you stand out in the scholarly world. Make sure you choose a publisher that specializes in books related to your field of research.

5. Promote Yourself: Once you have published your book, make plans to promoting it

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