Meet Dr Daniel CS Chew
When the learning continuum encounters a force for good.

Meet Dr Daniel CS Chew - When the learning continuum encounters a force for good.

“All we are doing is looking at the time line, from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are reducing the time line by reducing the non-value adding wastes.” ~Taiichi Ohno, father of the Toyota Production System (TPS). But to hear Daniel say it as logistics management is simplifying the behaviour of an organisation & becoming more efficient & excelling in delivery to customer.

After gaining wealth of experience in logistics, operations, manufacturing & strategy development queezing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and few double master’s in industrial engineering, hrm, psychology Dr Daniel CS Chew who was born in Singapore and is currently a Senior Professional & consultant started a joint doctoral in logistics & supply chain management at European International University-Paris this fall. There he hopes to marry his expertise in material logistics, supply chain management and his love for teaching.  He currently runs a consulting & corporate training organization sharing the treasure of his career experiences enabling corporations learn and grow

Daniel has no doubt in his heart that teaching is his Calling. After his Bachelor’s Degree, he started out in manufacturing for 7 years and then moved into Logistics for about 14 years, cumulatively. He thoroughly enjoyed solving the logistics operational problems using his knowledge from Engineering, Manufacturing and Statistics. After 22 years in the industry, he decided to move to his origin love – Teaching. What better discipline, then Logistics and Supply Chain itself as he already had the necessary experience. He became a full-time academic lecturer for 3 years and now, he is an Adjunct Lecturer with more than 8 private and public institutions in Singapore.

Daniel is currently on his 14th year of teaching as a full-time occupation. The highlight of these years was when he published the Book, “Land Transport: A Practitioner’s Guide” in 2013. This book is found in mainstream Polytechnics and Universities in Singapore and still being used today as a reference material for students’ academic work. To teach well, he knows that he also has to learn well. Hence, he has adopted a life-long resolution to upgrade his academic qualifications once every seven years. Eventually, he attained 4 Master Degrees over a 28-year period.

Dr Daniel stated ‘’My last Master Degree in Education was completed in 2014. Therefore, it would be timely for me to undertake another qualification in 2021. 

A Doctorate’s Degree is the next higher level of academic achievement and would benefit me with much wider opportunities to reach out to more learners. The recognition of a Doctorate qualification –particularly in Logistics and Supply Chain – is very valuable in the booming economies of South EastAsia. He accepts that it would open avenues for him to teach in other South-East Asian countries like Malaysia,Thailand and Vietnam.


Daniel has long applied science for good. In his words “Teaching forces him to learn more and become a master in that field because students will come at you with every sort of question.”  Its like a power tool as when he teaches others to use things in real life, he’s enabling them to contribute to the act of discovery.
“Doing research at a younger age taught him a lot of skill & being resourceful learning how to culture cells or to do public speaking and be able to pitch an idea to someone. “Scientific communication and writing takes you so far. A lot of people might not understand the hard-core, in-depth science, but if you communicate ideas and inspire people, they’ll see what you see.

Dr Daniel’s motto in Life is:

[1] To honour those who came before us;
[2] To invest in those who come after us and
[3] To serve those who are amongst us.

The first is fulfilled through Life-long learning by “standing on the shoulders of academic Giants” from previous generations, who have so generously left us with a vast array of knowledge. The second is fulfilled through the combination of my academic knowledge with experience to invest in building up the future generation. The last is fulfilled through the devotion of my time to serve this current generation – through teaching.


A Doctorate’s Degree would get me closer to achieving my motto. Dr. Daniel

My career objectives are [1] To develop a combined high-level knowledge in Logistics, Human Resource and Education [2] To invest in the next generation through education, teaching and training of future leaders [3] To write a second book (and a third and more) to share my experiences and leave a legacy for the future.

Tina Yang is a senior writer at EIU-PARIS. Email Tina at [email protected]

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  1. I enjoyed reading about a man who has relentlessly pursued a career of learning and improvement; his last stint has been a DBA from EIU-Paris; Tina Yang has beautifully penned this great man’s views on life, career, and teaching in this piece of writing; welcome to Alumni Club of EIU-Paris!!!


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