Professional Business Writing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Written communication in the workplace is something we all engage in on a daily basis. Whether it’s a report for management, a memo for senior executives or a response to customer emails, the importance of clear, concise and effective written communication should never be under-estimated. Many managers fall into the usual traps in their business writing; using jargon and buzzwords that may well not be understood outside their organization, not stating the point directly at the beginning of the message or using an impersonal, passive voice rather than a strong, active voice. Whatever the errors, ineffectively written communication can often be costly and damaging to the business in a number of ways. Recent research indicates that substantial information losses occur as written communication travels through the hierarchies of our businesses and this loss can result in the duplication of work, a lack of understanding of objectives and a range of other inefficiencies that can affect productivity. So it is therefore clear that written communication, be it internal or external, must be well crafted, fit for purpose and professional. Effective business writing skills can ultimately help organizations win contracts, resolve complaints and disputes and increase new business leads. For the individual, it can strengthen client relationships, increase respect from colleagues and managers and ultimately bring about promotion and career advancement.

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