Motivation in the Office


Motivated employees are a critical component of successful organizations today. Motivated employees take pride in their work and exhibit increased productivity and efficiency. Labor turnover rates are significantly lower when motivation is high and overall organizational performance is improved. It is therefore obvious to all that a motivated work force brings many benefits to the business. But just how do you go about motivating your people and teams? There are many external factors that affect motivation and every employee requires a different tailor-made approach. In order to maximize motivation within the organization, there are a number of powerful motivational tools, tactics and strategies available.

It is also known that intrinsic motivation (e.g., recognition, appreciation, and sense of achievement) is more powerful than extrinsic motivation (e.g., salary increment, bonus, or any  other tangible rewards and incentives). One such significantly effective motivator would be the encouragement of employees to pursue professional development experiences, funded by the organization. By sending staff to seminars, skills-development workshops and industry-specific training programmes, employees will be motivated toward an upward career path.

As such, employee training and development is just one piece of the complex motivational puzzle that organizations face, and the formulation of a comprehensive motivational strategy is often complex and requires a careful balance of multiple elements. When used correctly, a well-developed strategy would ensure that motivation is increased, performance is unparalleled and targets are consistently achieved. A motivated workforce is the key to success for all organizations, and employee motivation is more than just a concept, it is what drives good employees to do great things.

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