Overcoming Adversity: How EIU-Paris Scholarships are empowering women to pursue higher education

The Power of Education: A sure road to success

The world we live in has changed a lot. We have more institutions than ever and Internet has attempted to bring education to the ends of the Earth. However, higher education remains a luxury for a significant portion of the world’s population.

Although there are several factors that determine success, higher education remains a fundamental differentiation between an accomplished career and a stagnant one. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a bachelor’s degree had median weekly earnings of $1,248 in 2020, while those with only a high school diploma had median weekly earnings of $746. Additionally, the unemployment rate for individuals with a bachelor’s degree was 5.5% in 2020, compared to 9.1% for those with only a high school diploma. The numbers may vary from country to country, but it is clear that there is a correlation between a university education and better working conditions.

Higher education is not accessible by millions of people globally as they don’t earn enough or they have no support available from their closed ones and because of this they are not able to achieve their dreams and start to work from a very early age.

At EIU-Paris, we believe in the power of education to transform lives and create opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. That is why we offer scholarships to students in need and academic excellence who wish to achieve their dreams, goals and aspirations to have satisfaction and prosperity in their lives.

The Power of Scholarships: The case of Jenny Rose Antonio Bangloy One such success story is that of a remarkable student who has defied the odds and is now pursuing her dreams with a full scholarship.

Ms Jenny Rose Antonio Bangloy originally from Philippines now lives and works as a maid in Singapore to support herself and her child. Despite facing financial struggles and the challenges of motherhood, she has shown unwavering determination to pursue a career in a different field from the one she’s getting her living.

Jenny began searching on the Internet for ways she could give her life a new direction. She knew that formal education could open doors to better income and prospects. So, she found the European International University-Paris and within days applied for the Bachelor of Education program, specializing in Early Childhood Education. Her background was a Two-Year Computer Front Management course (Data Center College of the Phillipines) and a Certificate in Pre and Primary Teacher Training (Asian College of Teachers).

She was surprised when she found out that she had been accepted by EIU-Paris and she felt that her happiness was infinite. Although affordable, the tuition amount was an obstacle for her given the circumstances in which Jenny is undergoing. With this reality in front of her, she tried to look for other options to study online and each university was more expensive than the previous one.

Somehow, she ended up watching EIU-Paris on YouTube and looked up the graduation videos with inspirational speeches by Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan. The next moment tears started to drop from her eyes for she wanted to be there, graduating and achieving the “professional excellence” that the recordings described. Life had not been so easy with Jenny, who grew up without parents, and had to forge a character of resilience and perseverance. When she regained her strength and thought coldly, it occurred to her to ask if EIU-Paris offered a “study now, pay later” scheme. The surprise came when the Director General of our institution responded directly by WhatsApp to address her case, and with an academic committee it was determined that Jenny could be awarded a full scholarship.

According to Ms Jenny Rose Antonio Bangloy, “I am forever grateful for this opportunity. I couldn’t believe that I was awarded a full scholarship. I’m sure that the EIU-Paris’ BEd Program will equip me with the relevant foundations to become a well-educated individual and influential teacher, impacting and touching lives as a future educator.”

The story of Jenny highlights the importance of providing equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances. Through education, we can empower individuals to create a better future for themselves and their communities said Prof Dr Edward Roy Krishnan

These are 5 benefits of studying at EIU-Paris:

1. Access to higher education: Scholarships for online study provide the opportunity to access high-quality academic programs that may otherwise be inaccessible due to financial limitations.

2. Flexibility: Our students have flexible schedules, allowing them to balance their studies with other responsibilities such as work or family.

3. Professional growth opportunities: Our programs help students acquire skills and knowledge that allow them to advance in their careers or enter new fields.

4. Access to cutting-edge educational resources: Our content includes online learning platforms, virtual libraries and collaboration tools.

5. Equal opportunities: Scholarships for online study can help reduce the gap in access to education by providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their geographic location or financial situation.

The Power of Excellence: The case of EIU-Paris

There are people who still think that by moving to the online format, education loses value and rigor. With the efforts of our faculty and students, we have achieved the highest standards of education. EIU-Paris is member of five world-renowned organizations: ASIC UK, ACBSP, BGA, ECBE, ATHEA, and CIA. We are also ranked 55th among the best business schools in the world according to CEOWORLD Magazine and ranked 46th globally according to Pedagog Magazine UK.

The vision of the European International University-Paris is to contribute to society with affordable, flexible and prestigious education and reduce commercialization in Global Education. That is, students from all over the world can obtain their university degree from a business school in France without sacrificing their commitments and without thinking about moving to study in Europe for a long time (which is impossible for many).

Jenny’s passion for teaching and her desire to create a better future for herself and her child have been the driving forces behind her decision to seek higher education. At EIU-Paris, we are dedicated to supporting students like her and helping them achieve their full potential. said Dr J Anand of EIU-Paris.


Scholarships play a crucial role in helping students with financial tightness to pursue higher education and break the cycle of poverty. They provide financial assistance, alleviate financial burdens, and open doors to promising career paths.

Financial Assistance: Scholarships directly reduce the financial burden for poor students, covering tuition fees, books, housing, transportation, and other essential expenses. This financial support allows them to focus on their studies without the constant worry of how to pay for their education.

Alleviate Financial Stress: Financial stress can significantly impact a student’s academic performance and overall well-being. Scholarships can help alleviate this stress, allowing students to focus on their studies, attend classes regularly, and engage in extracurricular activities without the fear of financial hardship.

Opportunities for Advancement: Scholarships not only provide financial support but also open doors to opportunities for advancement. They can help students attend prestigious universities, participate in research programs, and gain valuable internships, all of which can lead to better job prospects and higher earning potential.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Scholarships can help poor students break the cycle of poverty by enabling them to obtain higher education, which is often the key to securing better-paying jobs and achieving financial stability

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