Juggling work and studies wasn’t always easy, but now I celebrate earning my BBA online!

The professional commitment of our society

A worker’s day can be exhausting. First you have to get up early in the morning, go to work, return home, take care of personal and family matters and maybe have some time left to take a break. Just reading the above lines can be exhausting… No wonder for those who have difficult evening schedules, multiple jobs or heavy remote workloads.

On the other hand, those who are public officials marry in some way with their country. It is like another marriage, since they must give a lot of their personal time to make everything work well. And is there still time for personal development? Education is fundamental to the career progress of successful professionals; however, they cannot always go to London, Madrid or New York to obtain a prestigious degree.

Rossan Eugene, a public officer who wants to keep growing

Rossan Stephanie Eugene is from from the island of Saint Lucia. She works as a Secretary to the High Court Judge at the Registry of the Supreme Court in Saint Lucia. As a public official, the job responsibilities she has assumed are vast and important. Although studying more had been in her considerations, at what point could she go to a traditional university for her personal development?

In 2023, she decided to enroll in the Bachelor’s Degree Program (Top-up) at the European International University, Paris. She applied and got accepted by July of 2023, and then went on to pursue the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Business. This is a program in which those who have earned a recognized diploma in business or management field can join and receive a full bachelor degree in one year.

This is especially convenient for Rossan, since her work experience and previous studies are being taken into account to complete a distance program that will allow her to have a bachelor’s degree. Whether she wants to later pursue a master’s degree, grow professionally in the public administration of justice or look for another job in the private sector, the EIU-Paris BBA Top-Up can be a key to many doors. For its completion, it’s necessary to go through eight modules with a capstone project leading to becoming a graduate.

It wasn’t easy, but so worth it! Soon, I will celebrate earning my Bachelor’s degree online.

Rossan Eugene

As she has assured, “I look forward to using the knowledge and applying the skills that I have acquired upon completion of the program. I am thankful to the European International University for allowing me to improve my personal life, school and work, because I am able to do the program self-paced.” Rossan’s graduation is expected for July 2024.

Distance couldn’t stop this dream! Officially an EIU-Paris BBA holder

The wonders and challenges of distance education

Although the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic dismantled many negative myths about distance education, it is always important to be clear about the benefits and disadvantages of this type of professional training.

Among the wonders of distance education, we find:

1. Flexibility: For a busy professional, it will always be possible to access study material and submit assignments at the most convenient time. At our university, we have pre-recorded classes and study material available 24/7.

2. Accessibility: Whether the student is in his office, her home, or taking the bus, it will be possible to have access to our platform to keep studying.

3. Affordability: Without the costs of living in Paris, it is possible to obtain a prestigious European degree by simply paying the tuition fees.

There are also challenges to face:

1. Social interaction: Having classmates can help keep up with the pace of homework assignments and often motivates the student. There are distance universities that have greatly neglected this area, while in ours we have a team that responds to messages and emails constantly to provide support to the learners.

2. Self-discipline: Success in distance education depends largely on the student’s ability to organize their time and maintain motivation.

3. Technological resources: Distance education requires adequate technology as well as a stable Internet connection. Understanding this, we have designed our modules so that expensive equipment is not necessary for the learning process. You only need a computer or cell phone to start studying.

Regarding these considerations, Rossan herself tells us that “At times I have felt discouraged, especially when the time to submit my assignment is due and the assignment has not been completed. All in all, I am grateful for the support system I have, because I have been encouraged daily to keep pursuing my goals and aspirations.”

Submitted by Alessandro Odoardi

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